How To Buy A Domain Name For A Website

How to buy a domain name for website

Buying a domain name isn’t a big task for today. Whether you are an individual or a company, you can register a domain easily, if it is available. You are going to buy domain name, it means you have a purpose to create a website. Let you know everything about domain names.

Go a step forward and simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Choosing a domain name

Most likely, you have a domain name already, that is the reason you are here. If not you can do a brainstorming with these instructions:

  • Domain name reflects your work right away without saying a word, whatever you desire to make out with your site. It should be unique, relevant and perfect to match your work.
  • It should be simple and short, which is easy to remember for anyone.
  • When you buy domain names, you should consider about irregular and unacceptable combinations of characters and words. You should avoid them, i.e., instead of,
  • Never choose a domain name with hyphen (-).

It isn’t necessary that your preferred domain name is available. In that event, you need to back up and form a list of alternatives as well.

Step 2: Choosing an Extension

Extensions are the ending part of any domain name following by dot (.). Top Level Domain’s (TLDs) are more preferable to select extensions. The top level domains are .com, .net, .org.

Extensions vary with their topic, industry, location and type (commercial/organization).

If your site has a local interest, then you can pick a country specific domain name, for instance .us, .uk, .br, etc.

If you are going to use the domain commercially, you can choose .com or .biz extensions.

If your purpose relates to an organization, then you can choose .org, for education .edu and many more.

Actually, extensions additionally backing to make strength of a domain name, and you should consider about it before registering a domain.

Step 3: Choosing a registrar

To buy a domain name, you need an ICANN authorize registrar. Godaddy, eNom, Namecheap is some enormous brands of the industry. Hosting providers also sell domain names with their hosting services. But it is preferable to avoid buying a domain name from your hosting provider.

Let you know about these registrars:

Godaddy: They offer domain names with a control panel. It is too cheap! It charges around $11.99 for one year .com domains.
Godaddy offers some cheap packages with domain names. Godaddy additionally provides e-mail, hosting, and web-designing services separately.

Namecheap: According to its name, it is less expensive from the big registrars. Namecheap charges $10.99 for a domain annually. It also gives some extra features for the first year, i.e. whois privacy guard.

Network Solutions: If you are projecting a big website with large budget, then you can go to Network Solutions. It is not a cheap registrar. Its .com domain price is $34.99 per year. But if you can handle your expenses for hosting services, Network Solutions are a good option.

Step 4: Checking domain name availability

domain name search

To determine availability of a domain name, you can get to your preferred registrar’s site and perform a search on the domain name search page. If your selected domain is available, that’s very good, but if not, then you can execute a domain name look up with the alternative name list, which you created earlier.

Step 5: Pay the domain fee

After checking availability, you need to place an order with billing information. You can choose a payment method for your dealings. Generally, you can pay with your credit or debit card or a PayPal account.

order for a domain name at godaddycom

After completion of the payment, you have done everything in the way of buying a domain name.
Right away, you are an owner of a domain name. You can manage your domain in your control panel on your registrar’s website.

This way, you have your own domain name. Right away, you simply need a hosting service, where you can host your site with this purchased domain name.