How To Create A Facebook Account

how to create a facebook account 2014

You are here, It means you know the importance of social media. In last decade, Facebook has became a necessity of a human being. Everyone wants to have an account on facebook, where he or she can share things, talk and chat with friends and a lot more. It’s so easy to have a conversation with someone in this technology time. Let’s come to the point and learn how to create a facebook account.

create a facebook account

How to create facebook account step by step tuto

Step 1: Open Facebook home page
Let’s go ahead and open up your internet browser whatever you use. I like to use chrome, but you can use your user friendly browser firefox, internet explorer, safari or any other choice of yours. and type to go at facebook home page. If you have an account already then you can sign in with top right corner’s sign in section. But we are here to create a new one, so skip this step and come down for sign up section of the page in the middle.

Step 2: Place your personal detail in the sign up section
You are going to create a facebook account so you need place your personal details like full name, email address and your date of birth. For access your account, you need to create a password too, so that you can login into your account. You will have to tell about your gender, so that your profile looks good with some basic information.

then press the sign up button.

facebook sign up section

Step 3: Find friends with your email address
So this is time for importing friends from your email address. With this step, you can add your email friends, those are already on facebook. It is best way to add your old friends on facebook.

Step 4: Fill out your profile info
This page shows that you have a public profile with this facebook account and you must share profile information so that your friends can find you.

Go ahead and fill your Current city, Hometown, High School, College/University, Employer, and go for next step.

Step 5: Add your profile picture
Now, you can add your facebook profile picture. You have two options to set up your profile picture, add from your computer or through your webcam. Your profile picture will help your friend to find you easily.

Step 6: Confirm your sign up process
As you are seeing that there is a top bar at the home page of your account, which is showing you to confirm your sign up process with your email address. This step is for security reasons. You just need to go your email address and you will find an email from facebook to verify your account, click on the link and you will be redirect to facebook and finally, It’s done.

facebook confirm

Now you have a facebook verified account and you can use it to update your status, share things and many more…

Thanks for reading.

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