How To Create A Gmail Account Step By Step

Email accounts are necessity of the time and you need to run with the time and technology. In this era, everybody has an email account, possibly it is a Gmail, Yahoo or any other available free email services. In this way, you also must have an email account.

The best strategy to create a Google account

Let’s learn, how to make an email account on Gmail(Google).

Step 1: Gmail Account Creation
First of all, you need to open Gmail home page( using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser. Where you will discover a link as create an account at the bottom of the login block. You will need to click that link and it will tackle on sign up page.

gmail sign up page

Step 2: Fill the sign up form
Actually, Google needs some of your personal details in the way of creating a google account.

In the sign up structure, initially, you need to give your full name as instructed.

At that point, you need to choose a user name for future use of this account. It should be a unique username, which has not already been taken by somebody else. May be, you like to pick a user name, which is not available for you. In that case, you can include some numbers or any similar characters, you might want to include. We added tutocamp after the principle username.

For the following step, you need to create a strong password. It must be in 8 characters or long utilizing numbers, capitals, special symbols.

Thereafter re-enter your password.

gmail sign up username and password

Now, place your date of birth and gender. Date of Birth is requested for the security propose.

Then, you need to place your Mobile Number to secure your account. At the time of non-access, it will help you to get access your account back using text message.
Again for the security propose, It is asked an existing email address, whichever the service provider.

For verification, type the text in showing above block. You can skip this verification step however phone verification is required.

Thenafter, place your location in the following step.

At the end of the page, you must read terms and privacy and then tick it. It ensures that you agree with google terms for creating the google account.

gmail sign up page verification

Step 3: Adding a profile picture
then click on next page. It will take you on profile page to add your profile photo. You can skip it for now.

gmail add a photo

Step 4: Welcoming the Google Account
Next step button will take you on gmail welcome page.

gmail welcome page
It’s done.

In the blink of an eye you have a google account and you are free to access all the services provided by google to you with this account. Thus, you learned step by step exercise on how to create a gmail account.

Thanks for reading.
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