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How To Create A Strong Password

How Secure Is My Password

Today, We are living in a digital life, where we love to work and share things online. When it comes to internet protection, We must think about our password security.

Nowadays, Hackers started to use some advanced methods based on algorithms to hack passwords that’s why password security is important for everyone. But if we really care about web protection, we need to bear some tactics in choosing a strong password and that could be ensure & secure our online presence.

how secure is my password

On that point, there are a bunch of ways to create secure passwords. Like online password generator and strong password creator but the best way to create your own potent and memorable password.

How To Create Strong Passwords

The best means to make a strong password yourself using a formula and apply that every time whenever you create a new password.

In this way to produce a secure password, we’ll learn, how to build a strong password with a demo password creation.

Step 1: Choose a base phrase

First of all, you will have to choose a base phrase instead of a word, which you can memorize easily. You create a phrase with random words. It would be more secure because you create that yourself randomly, and nobody can imagine that.

For our demo password creation, we choose:

my black cat in white house

Step 2: Change the sequence of words

Instantly modify the sequence of words in the phrase and you can also play with capitals to have more secure password.

my black cat white house in(changed sequence)
My Black cat White house in(capitals)

Step 3: Replicate some characters

This time, we will replace some characters with similar characters.

For us:

My Black kat White houz inn

Step 4: Add some numbers

Let’s throw some numbers into the phrase.

For that, choose randomly 3-4 numbers.

Don’t choose date or year of your birth and anniversary. It can be guess easily.

For demo, we assume:


Step 5: Use of special characters

For more security, passwords must have some special characters with a random intervals.

for demo password, we choose some special characters, you can choose whatever you like.

And place one of them on the very first of the base phrase, then next to it and then at the end.

? & $
Finally, We have a strong password:
?My Black kat White houz inn&5881$

If you would like remove some spaces then remove them, It’s up to you.

We do that in our test passwords:

?MyBlack kat Whitehouz inn&5881$

Now, you know, how to create a strong password you can remember.

But You should always avoid yourself to do these errors:

  • Creating short passwords
  • Using personal information in passwords
  • Sharing your passwords with friends and relatives
  • Storing password on a peice of paper or a digital document

This way, you can secure your digital life in a perfect way.

Thanks for reading.