How to Create A Wedding Invitation on Facebook

How to create facebook wedding event

As we know that we are living in the digital era of fast communication. In this process, social media are playing an important role in the life of youth as well as a different group of age who uses the internet in any way. In this chain, after failure of Orkut, Facebook has proved itself as a pillar of social media. One, who does not use Facebook, feels himself outdated. On Facebook, you can share any information within a short span of time with your group. It is well worth to design a wedding card using Facebook events.

Facebook wedding invitation is a digital way of inviting friends and relatives with techno love.

Facebook provides a great tool for creating events on Facebook. When it comes to wedding invitations, creating Facebook event is one of the best ways to send quick invitations to your friends for a wedding ceremony. You can give it a wedding card feel by adding beautiful images.

Simply, follow these easy steps:

Steps to creating Wedding Invitation on Facebook:

Open a Facebook account

  • For this, user should have an email account and fulfill all the requirements, especially age.
  • Every user is supposed to give correct information in opening account as it is presumed to be trustworthy.
  • After fulfilling sign-in form, displayed on the opening page of Facebook and setting up password, the account is opened. Generally email address or mobile number remains its user-id.

Facebook wedding invitation:

  • After opening our Facebook homepage, we see a column in the left side mentioning Favorites, Groups, Applications etc. under Favorites Sub-heading; we will find some more headings such as: News Feed, Messages and Events etc.
  • Facebook wedding invitation step 1

  • As we click on ‘Event’ tab, it takes us to another page which shows some other events happening with our friends.
  • Facebook wedding invitation step 2

  • On top of this page, there will be another link ‘Create an event’. On clicking this link, a box appears in which we have to submit all the event related information. After completion of this box, press Create button and in the next step we can post a photo also.
  • Facebook wedding invitation step 3

You can create a beautiful wedding invitation on facebook using events tool. It helps to manage all the necessary things, for instance, list of invitees, and who are coming to the event.

Advantage of creating wedding invitation on facebook:

  • We can use designs of international level in designing invitation, using images, animations, graphics etc., so we can present ourselves in an effective and attractive manner.
  • It costs least or without cost (as it does not require any postage, courier charge etc.) which can be used by every person who is using the internet.
  • It is conveyed quickly, and we can receive reactions of invitees immediately.
  • Since it is a completely paperless activity, it saves natural resources which are used in paper production like trees, due to which it is an eco-friendly manner which prevents the imbalance of the ecosystem.
  • Since it is delivered through web, so it remains for a long time, there is no chance to lost anywhere.

Disadvantage of creating invitation on facebook:

  • Since such invitations are sent electronically, therefore, there is no space of emotions, feelings and importance of relations. As a result, there is no honor of the recipient.
  • It acts as a hurdle to developing social relations as no physical presence is required; due to this a person remains recluse, which results into deterioration in social relations.
  • On account of unusual excessive use of electronic media, the whole humanity is loosing attachments to each other. The importance of close relations has changed into pressing some buttons of the keyboard.
  • The old age generation cannot use it and even do not accept it; they only want physical cards.

Creating a wedding event on facebook is very simple and effective, when you have all your invitees on Facebook. As a whole, such type of method can be used only by the young generation who are internet friendly and this media should be used for all the relatives/friends who are residing at a long distance because sometimes physical presence is not possible due to hectic life but at the same time we must try to keep in touch to our loving persons to pour affection into relations.

Cover Photo: Flickr – Jason Sussberg