Train Yourself, How to do Pullups


If you are thinking that pullups is a hard exercise and you will never be able to do this exercise, then you are definitely wrong and it’s an excuse for not doing it. The Pullups are a great exercise for your back muscles and the biceps.

There are many ways of doing pullups. You can start with the simple ones, and then do the difficult ones. It is better to lose your weight by drinking a lot of water and taking a balanced diet with easy exercises, for instance jogging, running, rope jumping and doing push-ups and pull-ups.

What is a pull-up?
A pull-up is done when your palms face away from your face, whereas a chin up happens when your palms point towards your face.

You can start with the chin ups

1. Do chin ups

Pullups chin ups

The basic concept why we are starting with the chin ups because it is a lot easier to do chin ups and you will slowly increase the height up to which you have to lift the body.

  • What you have to do is to place a chair under your legs so that your eyes will touch the bar level.
  • Now grab the bar with your palms facing your face and there should be a space between shoulders.
  • This time, make your grip tight and slowly remove the chair from your legs. Start lowering yourself as much as you can.

Now again repeat the step and move your chair under your legs so that you can stand on it and slowly remove the chair and lower down yourself keeping your grip tightly to the bar. Repeat the step 8 times.

2. Pullups for Beginners

If you are not able to do a single pullup then you can start with the simple version of the pullup.

  • Use your legs to jump up to the bar and hold it, make a grip of your hand so that the palm face away from your face. Keep a distance between the shoulders.
  • Now start lowering down yourself from this position until a dead hang, hang in there at least for five seconds and repeat the same step again.

You are always stronger on the negative side than the positive side of the pull up, so even pulling yourself is a difficult task, lower down yourself will make you feel comfortable and you will get ready for further exercises.

Lying under the bar and do pull up

Just what you have to do is to lie under the pull up bar and adjust the position of the bar so that your hands can reach the bar.

Now grab the bar with your hands such that the palms facing out, shoulders apart and start moving up your chest towards the bar, anchor your heels into the ground. In case you are finding it difficult to move the bar to a suitable position so that your body comes to a vertical position.

Doing pullup with dumbles

To do this exercise you have to take a pair of dumbles and grab it with your hands, palms facing each other, chest parallel to the ground, knees slightly bent. Start doing the pull ups by moving your elbows up and down.
Taking help from a friend

If you are finding that it got a little bit difficult to move up your body because of your weight then try to take help from your friend. He will move your legs up while doing pull ups and thus helps you in getting your body to lift up.

Taking help from the machine

Most of the gyms have machines which can help you lifting body up. They work in the same way as your friend helps you in getting upward. So just keep the machine pins adjust to that extend so that it will help in moving your body weight to lift up.

3. Start doing the perfect pull ups

When you find yourself comfortable doing the negative side of the pull up, now, you are ready to do the perfect pull up.

  • Come under the bar and grab the pull-up bar with your hands such that the palms should be facing away from your face. The thumb of your hands should touch your fingers. Your arms should be extended apart and the shoulders will sense the feeling of up and down. Make sure to avoid jumping, kicking and swinging so that the whole weight should be lifted from the muscles and not momentum of your legs.
  • Now slowly move your body upwards from your upper part so that there is no strain in the neck. Continue pulling until your chin touches the base of the bar.
  • Then, Come down slowly with your arms getting straight and repeat the step again.

How to do pullups

The regular practice will make your muscle to get into the habit of doing pull up easily. You can change your grip also alternating between a set of chin up and pull up.

Doing pullups with extra weight

When you mastered the art of doing pullups and you find it easy. Now, This is the time to take your exercise to the next level and adding some extra weight in the form of dumbles or circular vest on the waist. You can do this by adding weight by using a chain attached to the waist. Now again start doing the pullups in the same way as you did earlier.

Tips you should remember while doing pullups
1. Don’t do more exercise against your strength.
2. IF you have excess body fat, try to reduce it by doing some exercise or taking a balanced diet.
3. Do the exercise in the proper way, this means that don’t kick your legs to move up or don’t put stress on your neck.
4. Don’t bend the elbow too much during the pull ups.
5. Try to pull your chin such that it is over the bar.
6. Try to make your grip stronger while doing pull ups.

Image Source: Flickr-adrianv, adrianv, tippingthescales.