Train Yourself! How To Do Perfect Push Ups

How to do push up perfectly at home

Have you ever dreamed of dashing physical looks with a wide chest, front shoulders, and fully organized arms. If you truly care about your fitness, you can have a charming physical look, even at your household. Before you start mapping out the drills and other physical activities for toning your body, you just might want to know about push ups, those can give you a perfect way of the beginning.

A push up is an initial move for anything in physical development, Whereas, the perfect push up can shape your whole body, for instance the chest, triceps, biceps, traps, forearms. That’s why it is also known as the total body functional move. But lots of people don’t know the proper way of doing perfect push ups. When you try something in the wrong direction, you are less of result.

Today, you will find out, how to perform push ups in an appropriate method. Once you alter yourself to do push ups workout, you can practice it anyplace.

Here, you find two ways of doing push ups. If you are a beginner, don’t try push ups right away. First, you should learn the idea behind the push ups with wall push ups, then go ahead with actual push ups. Beginners can follow the steps noted below.

Push ups for beginners(Wall Push Ups):

Step 1:
Stick to a wall for a distance, your hands, cover from the wall, maintain the shoulder height and width, then lay your hands-palm on the wall.

Step 2:
This time, you just back your feet until your heels touch the floor.

Step 2:
Now, move your body towards the wall. Here, you require to bend your elbows to point your body towards the wall. Make sure, your whole body receives a straight alignment from head to toe.

Step 3:
Then, push yourself back from the wall to make the start point. You did a perfect Push Up by following aforesaid steps.

Try to increase the repetitions with no bother. If you feel any problem, then do less, train yourself for push up workout routine first, then apply for more repetitions.

Thus, you can get your body ready for the actual push ups.

Perfect push ups:

Step 1:
Find a plane surface, come down to the knees and move your body forward then put your hands-palm on the floor. It appears like you are in a lying position on the shoulders base. Make sure, you have put your hands slightly away from your shoulder width.
Now, step your feet back and touch your toes to the floor, then make a straight line from head to toes accompanied by the chest, ABS and back.

Train Yourself, How To Do Perfect Push Ups

This way, you get the starting position for the perfect push ups.

Step 2:
Here, as a next step, you need to drive your body downwards, until your chest touches the base. According to the experts, you maintain your plank position, when you lower the body. Keep your head on the same level of your shoulders. (Remember, you need to touch your chest, not the head, to the floor.)

Train Yourself To Do Perfect Push Ups

Step 3:
Go back to the starting position through pushing yourself upper side. This way, you did a full push up move.

Step 4:
Following the whole instructions, you repeat the move 10 times, initially. And so, you can increase repetitions according to your strength. When you repeat the exercise, keep in mind that you sustain the same attitude as you started in the beginning.

However, you must do push ups in the sets of 10 or 20 repetitions. You can do 5 sets at a time, but you need to take 2 minutes rest between them. You are required to set up pushup workouts for 6 months. It will help you to shape your body.

The perfect way of doing push ups, you learnt above.

By doing perfect push ups, you can possess a strength of macho man with a smart looks. Keep doing push ups to maintain your physical structure to fit always.

Image Sources: Flickr whyld sundazed and effjohn