How To Download A YouTube Video

how to download youtube video to computer

People love to watch videos for anything. In this way, YouTube became a world’s biggest video portal. Almost, each and every topic covered by videos on YouTube. Sometimes, you desire to download videos so that you can watch them offline too, but YouTube doesn’t allow to download videos from their site.

There are a bunch of ways to download YouTube videos to your personal computer.

Find out how to download a YouTube video:

Step 1: YouTube Video Link
Go to the YouTube video, which you want to download.
And copy the URL of the video page.

Step 2:
Go to the Keepvid site.
Paste your YouTube video’s link into the box, where written “enter the link of the picture you want to download”.

how to download youtube video

Then, click the download button.

It requires a few minutes to upload Java applet and fetching the links for further processing.

Step 3: Click to Download
Later on the fetching links, shows you a list of download links according to format and quality.

how to download youtube video links

Here, you are free to download your preferable quality based video format.

Just Click the link and downloading will start automatically.

It’s almost done. Enjoy with downloaded video on your local PC.

Now, one more how-to guide for downloading YouTube video to mp3.

Learn, how to convert a YouTube video to mp3:

Step 1:YouTube Video Link
First of all, Go to the YouTube video and copy your preferred URL.

Go to the YouTube-Mp3 site (This website is free to use. You just need to a YouTube video URL for converting)
And paste the link in the form, then click convert button. As soon as, you submitted the url, it will begin to convert the audio track of your video file to mp3.


Once it converts the video to the mp3 format, it will show a download link.

Step 3: Download mp3 file
Click on the download link, download will start in a moment. All the conversion of the video file will be high quality with a bitrate of 128 kBit/s.

YouTube-to-MP3 conversion

This way, you can download a video and an audio file to the your personal computer.

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Image Source: Rego Korosi