Train yourself! How to lose weight?

How To Lose Weight

People have the problem of becoming overweight and have a question always, how can I lose weight? Anyhow they want to overcome it. If you’re suffering from it, there are certain ways by you can get rid of it, either you can take pills, do some regular exercise, have a specialized diet plan or surgery to make you slim. Those people who have excess weight always have the problems during their whole life.

Generally people having overweight, tired easily when they do some work and it has been proved that the people bearing these features have the risk of getting sick very easily. They are easily prone to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure. The process to reduce weight is not easy and it requires a lot of effort from your end.

The ways by which you can reduce your fat and become slim are:

1. Drink water to lose weight

Does drinking water help you lose weight? Yes! It helps on a daily basis.

  • Use only water as a drink, and remove all the other drinks from your diet plan. You must consume half the weight of yours in your daily routine. Suppose your weight is 100 pounds so you have to drink 50 ounces of water for improving your body shape.
  • Drinking water before the meals can reduce your appetite and make you feel full. During a research, it was found out that drinking water before your meals will reduce your intake of 75 calories and thus, when we take an average of the year it comes out that approx 27,000 calories can be achieved just by drinking water.
  • Remove the sodas, juice, coffee and tea, replace them with water and if you are not in a habit of drinking water or think that it is boring. Then add some lemon in the water which will make it tastier. Lemon contains pectin’s, which help in reducing your craving for food.
  • Drinking cold water helps to make your metabolism, stronger and by drinking cold water the body works hard to bring the water to the normal standard, thus it helps in reducing your calories. To drink cold water is also refreshing for you.
  • Going to the gym regularly will make your body lose fats. Because water acts as a lubricant, so you will easily work out for a longer period of time and it helps you in burning the calories faster and easier.

2. Balanced diet plan for weight loss

  • If you want to lose your weight quickly, then take an interval between the meals. You must take at least four hours of difference in the successive meals. Take your breakfast regularly. Eat the dinner three hours before going to bed. If you follow these rules, there is no reason you can get your body to lose weight quickly. So change your habit of eating and apply this method.
  • Take a balanced diet with full of proteins and healthy fats because the purpose of a low carbohydrate diet is to minimize the sugar and starches which increases the stored fats. You should eat natural, unprocessed food and avoid all carbohydrate food.
  • The key to become healthy is to eat the food which is healthy. You should try to eat natural meat, fish which is great in the Omega three acids, eggs containing omega-3, vegetables which contain a lot of fiber, fruits that are rich in fiber and vitamin C.
  • Make yourself, a friend of fruits. It is a good practice to use fruits on a daily basis. Try to eat fruits instead of full day meals. It will help you to reduce more weight eventually. Don’t eat those fruits, which have sugar content.

3. Exercises to lose weight

Do exercise daily and it is the best way to lose weight, if you are not comfortable in doing exercises, then nobody can help you in losing weight. If you will follow the diet plan and don’t do exercise, then the excess fats will store in your body and it will lead to body overweight. The Best exercises to lose weight are:

Walking: Daily walking is a good exercise and will burn a lot of fats. Go to the nearby park and walk daily. Don’t use the escalators or elevators instead use stairs to climb; this will quickly burn your calorie.

Pushups: Push up is a good exercise for building muscles, but when it comes to losing weight, push ups help to reduce fat. The push up is the only exercise, which uses all the muscles to work and tone the whole body. Push ups burn fat faster and help to lose weight quickly.

Aerobics: Doing aerobics also keeps you fit because it is a form of exercise and if you are feeling bored or unable to go to the gym, then do the aerobics because it’s a fun to learn aerobics, at the same time you are burning your calories faster.

If you are interested to go to the gym, then plan for it and never left the gym in between, do it regularly because it will burn your calories faster.

4. Swimming for losing weight

Swimming is a form of exercise which is so popular these days that everybody wants to join the swimming classes, the reason is that it brings about the exercise of the whole body. It not only maintains your heart healthier, but helps in burning calories faster compared to running.

According to a research 30 to 60 minutes of swimming, 4 to 6 days a week will not only reduce your weight, but also helps in reducing the health risks such as stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

Compared to running, biking and many other forms of the exercise, swimming provide you with a whole body workout. It helps in the exercise of the lower body, upper body, core and back. In addition to this swimming also helps to maintain your heart and lungs healthier.

It is also good for the people with low joint problems. It does not put pressure on the knees, hips, or backs compared to running or biking. If you do swim regularly with a combination of healthy and well balanced diet, then you will definitely lose weight.

5. Measuring Certain terms

  • Basic Metabolic Rate or BMR- This is one of the basic rules to lose weight. BMR is defined as how much your body requires in order to function properly. So measure your BMR regularly, i.e. the minimum no. by calorie required.
  • Activity level- You should calculate how many calories are you burning every day. This can be done with the help of calorie meter.
  • See your calorie intake- You should keep a track of the calories that you take daily. This can be easily done by using the site Calorie Count.
  • Simple Formula- Add up your BMR, the activity level, and then subtract it from the daily calorie count. If the result comes out, that you are taking more calories than you need, then it will result in overweight vice versa you start losing your weight.

If you really want to reduce your weight and become slim, just follow aforementioned steps and see the results. Try to maintain a balance between diet and exercise, and you would be there, you want to be.

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