Learn How To Read Faster

Reading could be an advanced skill, if the man tries to obtain that science with the right exertions. Everybody reads a mass on a daily base, where the source is either a newspaper, magazine, or a novel. If, man receives a speed reading ability with full comprehension, he can save a big time. If you count this time for a year, you will find that you save a lot of days from a normal reading.

Generally, most of the people read at the speed of 200 to 300 words per minute, but it can be upwards to 1000 WPM. It is required to use some simple techniques with practicing consistently. There are a variety of speed reading courses and reading programs but you can learn it by practicing yourself.

How to improve reading speed?

Actually, this is an eye fixation game, where you need to grow your catching distance or words at a particular time. Simply, a man reads a single word at a time, but when you’re practicing for speed reading, you need to read lots of words simultaneously. By the time, you will learn how to read faster and comprehend.

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Step 1: Choose an easy and interesting reading stuff

Firstly, you should take a reading material, which is not difficult to understand and grasp. It means, it should be a comfortable and interesting reading material like a simple story or a novel or a school essay. For the initiating, this will be helpful to find confidence and familiarity with reading.

Finally, you would be capable to add hard reading material to your practice sitting.

Step 2: Read aloud

When you come across with some new and unfamiliar words, your reading speed automatically goes down and it also affects your overall comprehension. To get familiar with those words, you should read aloud with correct pronunciation. This exercise builds your confidence and earns you a keen proofreader.

Step 3: Use of a pointer

At the time of reading, you face a lot of distractions and lose your concentration. Really, when you read something, you come across with some minor breaks. Simply you can settle it by using a cursor. Using a pointer, you guide your eyes to read in the right way.

As a pointer, you can utilize a pen or pencil even you can use your finger as well. You demand to sweep up your pointer left to right, line by cable. How it works, it reflects in your speed reading. It just facilitates to keep your focus on reading and makes you comprehend better.

Step 4: Eye Fixation

Eye fixation means, a point where your eyes take rest, when you read. Here you need to do practice in the manner mentioned below and follow the stairs to get eye fixation.

  1. Begin learning with focus on an individual word as you do usually
  2. For example: Speed reading is an advanced science.
    In this example, you should read each and every word with focus. You must get your eyes along each word means you should stick on each word to find that word correctly.

  3. Fix your eyes on each second word
  4. For example: Speed reading is an advanced science.
    In this instance, you must stay your eyes on each second word to start out that word, as written in bold.

  5. Start reading in phrases
  6. Here, you need to stay in a wider range of words. You must acquire an ability of reading words in simple phrases with three, four and five words. This way, your eye fixation would be at third, fourth or fifth word according to the phrase.

Step 5: Practice consistently

To achieve speed reading ability, you demand to practice consistently without any long intervals. It needs exercise and require a scheduled session for reading.

Determine a fixed time for a daily reading session
You scarcely require to make a time-duration of 15 to 20 minutes in a daytime and employ close to interesting reading material to get 700+ WPM. Finally, you will notice that you start getting speed in your reading skill.

Thus, you can improve your reading ability with a great speed. Only !% of people can read 400+ wpm but if you do practice regularly, you will be reached at higher speed of reading.