3 Easy Steps To Install WhatsApp On PC Laptop

How to install whatsapp on pc laptop 2014

WhatsApp is a cross-platform application which runs on various mobile device OS like Android , Symbian , Windows(mobile) and Blackberry. It cannot work directly on Windows Xp/7/8 or Mac. But you can learn here, how to download whatsapp for laptop and pc and install it on your favorite OS. Let you know a bit about Bluestacks Whatsapp for this process. Install WhatsApp on PC Step by Step Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of how to install softwares on PC or Laptop. An active mobile connection. A working sufficiently fast internet connection that’s it. We will require an emulator like Bluestacks for running


Learn How To Read Faster

Reading could be an advanced skill, if the man tries to obtain that science with the right exertions. Everybody reads a mass on a daily base, where the source is either a newspaper, magazine, or a novel. If, man receives a speed reading ability with full comprehension, he can save a big time. If you count this time for a year, you will find that you save a lot of days from a normal reading. Generally, most of the people read at the speed of 200 to 300 words per minute, but it can be upwards to 1000 WPM. It


How To Create A Facebook Account

how to create a facebook account 2014

You are here, It means you know the importance of social media. In last decade, Facebook has became a necessity of a human being. Everyone wants to have an account on facebook, where he or she can share things, talk and chat with friends and a lot more. It’s so easy to have a conversation with someone in this technology time. Let’s come to the point and learn how to create a facebook account. How to create facebook account step by step tuto Step 1: Open Facebook home page Let’s go ahead and open up your internet browser whatever you


How To Create A Gmail Account Step By Step

Email accounts are necessity of the time and you need to run with the time and technology. In this era, everybody has an email account, possibly it is a Gmail, Yahoo or any other available free email services. In this way, you also must have an email account. The best strategy to create a Google account Let’s learn, how to make an email account on Gmail(Google). Step 1: Gmail Account Creation First of all, you need to open Gmail home page( using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser. Where you will discover a link as create an account

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How To Create A Strong Password

How Secure Is My Password Today, We are living in a digital life, where we love to work and share things online. When it comes to internet protection, We must think about our password security. Nowadays, Hackers started to use some advanced methods based on algorithms to hack passwords that’s why password security is important for everyone. But if we really care about web protection, we need to bear some tactics in choosing a strong password and that could be ensure & secure our online presence. On that point, there are a bunch of ways to create secure passwords. Like